20 years in the radio- and telecommunication market.
A team of skilled professionals, experts in project development, capital construction, and project management.
Highly efficient engineering staff, certified in telecommunication and communication networks.
Distribution license agreements with leading manufacturers in the field of telecommunication and communication networks.
A maintenance facility fully equipped for testing, assembling, start-up and adjustment of telecommunication equipment.
An extensive experience in building communication networks in all lines of industry.
Consulting service and support in all project phases.

Project management

Project management throughout all stages of the system development by a team of communication experts.
A balanced approach to task solution, based upon our extensive technological expertise and profound understanding of the specific aspects of the client’s field of work.
Project implementation in accordance with Russia’s and global standards in industrial construction and servicing.
Flexibility and mobility allowing to implement construction projects on a tight schedule.
Innovative technological policy.
Delicate and considerate customer treatment.

Business Area

Project development and capital construction of communication facilities.
Development and construction of aerial mast structures, procurement of bloc units, independent power supply sources, and climate control equipment.
Procurement of radio equipment from leading global manufacturers.
Procurement of ATEX spark-resistant and explosion proof equipment for hazardous production facilities.
Developing professional radio connection systems for analog and digital protocols (TETRA, DMR, NXDN, MPT-1327, LTR), development and construction of custom connection systems on turnkey basis.
Audit check of operation communication systems.
Maintenance service on communication facilities and systems.
Integrating of radio connection systems into operating management systems; updating operating professional radio connection systems, technical maintenance and training of the customer’s technical personnel.