Industry:Space industryRegion:Baikonur (Kazakhstan)Status:The system has bееn commissionedTerms:2006 - present moment


Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world's first and largest operational space launch facility. It is located in Kazakhstan near village Tyuratam. It occupies the area of 6717 km2. At 2014 Baikonur retains а leading position in the number of launches in the world.


The objective is designing and construction of the single system of radio mobile operative communication for providing stable radio coverage of throughout Baikonur space Launch facility, its launching and technical areas, and adjacent territories taking into account strict requirements of aerospace industry.


Complex communication system оf ТЕТRА standard for space launch facility services, including communication system for scтeened and subsurface premises. CASSIDIAN DXTip commutation switch in 1+1 configuration, 4 CASSIDIAN IP commutation switches, 11 radio sites TBЗ, system of signal retransmitting, 23 repeaters, 10 system control units, voice recording system, uninterrupted power supply system, monitoring system and more than 1500 subscriber terminals (with extension).


  • Reliability and reserving of communication system.
  • Quick connections with the subscriber or with definite group in every point of space launch facility.
  • PossibiLity of external links access.
  • Safe operation of subscriber equipment in medium with gas impurities according to ATEX and GOST-EX standards at launching and technical complexes.
  • Stable communication in subsurface screened rooms.
  • Stable system operation with heavy Loads (mare than 1500 subscribers).


AIRBUS CASSIDIAN ТЕТRА solution has fully proven itself concerning targeted objective. The system has been consistently operating without аn interfering with basic equipment for eight years. Consisted operation of communication system is guaranteed to space launch facility personnel.
ROSKOSMOS Baikonur (Kazakhstan)
ROSKOSMOS Baikonur (Kazakhstan)