Industry:Gas industryRegion:Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous OkrugStatus:CommissionedTerms:2011 – nowadays


Yamal LNG is Russian gas producing company founded for the purpose of participating in the South Tambey GasCondensate Field Development Project. Yamal LNG project involves the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (LNG) with a capacity of 16.5 million tonnes per year, transport infrastructure engineering including roads, sea port equipped with ice barriers and the airport near Sabetta settlement, life support facilities construction such as fuel and lubricant warehouses, power center, utilities system, heating plant, hostels, eating-houses, etc.


The construction of Digital Technological Radio System was involved within the South Tambey Gas-Condensate Field Development Project to provide the staff of Yamal LNG OJSC and subcontractors with a reliable connection during construction period and further facilities operation.


  • Design, equipment supply, installation and adjustment of digital communication equipment AIRBUS TETRA, KENWOOD NXDN and SAILOR equipment, personnel training, service support.
  • Detailed Design (European standard), Design (stage "P") and passage of GLAVGOSEKSPERTIZA for systems: UHF TETRA, VHF MARINE, Local Warning system, Fiber Optic Network, Structured Cabling, Hotlines - Direct Lines, PA/GA, Ship to Shore, Master Clock.
  • Equipment supply, FAT, IFAT, SAT, Commissioning for the systems: UHF TETRA (x1 Switches with hot redundancy, x1 Base station, Optical repeaters, Dispatcher, Terminals), VHF MARINE (x5 Base stations, Terminals), KENWOOD NXDN (x2 Base stations, Dispatcher, Terminals), TETRA-NXDN integration system.


The Far North difficult climatic conditions produce the heightened requirements for Radio Communication System reliability. Integrated telecommunication system provide uninterruptable operation of all technological processes of Yamal LNG.