Industry:EnergyRegion:the Yamalo-NenetsStatus:The system has been commissionedTerms:2006 - present moment


The objective is designing and construction of integrated system of radio communication and data transmission оп the territory of several gas fields in conditions of the Extreme North with the possibllity of management and monitoring from the single system control centre.


Survey works, designing, application for radio-frequency authorization, equipment delivery, assembling and setting up, personnel training, service, warranty, post-warranty assistance.


6 passes of radio relay link system, ТЕТRА system (4 commutation switches, 14 radio sites, system control centers, more than 1500 subscribers), broadband access system, uninterrupted power supply systems, conditioning systems, communication towers, communication equipment rooms, life support systems).


All communication systems integration to а single network that allows enterprises personnel to work at any field objects not caring about the internal structure of the communication system inner structure and about enterprise security.
GAZPROM (the Yamalo-Nenets)
GAZPROM (the Yamalo-Nenets)